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What is boot camp?

The Houze of Sports Boot Camp  is a high intensity  training system designed for all ability levels.
All students burn fat, get strong, and feel great about themselves.
Houze of Sports Boot Camp is a safe and empowering program. You will learn how to train properly. You will be coached!


Our Orientations are created to put you at ease and to inspire, and educate!

We aren’t a Gym, we are a Dojo.

  • A Dojo is a place you go to learn & grow.

  • When you commit to us you are committing to your success and growth.

We aren’t Personal Trainers, we are Coaches.

  • Trainer’s train people, Coaches Change people.


We are not here simply to collect your payment. We are committed to your improving mental fortitude just as much as physical attributes.

You aren’t Clients, you are students. A Client is somebody that pays for a service. At the Dojo you come to get better.

We don’t sell sessions, we conduct practices. We call them practices because we are constantly training to become more, We aren’t a competition, We focus on co-operation.


What separates Houze of Sports Boot Camp from other training programs is its culture. We encompasses signature warm-ups, speed training, strength training, and endurance training, flexibility work and nutrition all based on a comprehensive evaluation process.


The most important component of the system is the motivational approach and environment.

At Houze of Sports our certified coaches educate, inspire and make it fun while learning lifestyle habits!